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Windstar Cruises & National Health Association Go Plant-Based

Windstar Cruises, a small ship line known for its luxury cruises, has announced a partnership with the National Health Association (NHA) to offer an exclusive whole-food, the plant-based menu on all six of its yachts. The menu is not only vegan, but also prepared without added salt, oil, and sugar and is gluten-free. Windstar’s culinary team has already started training on the new menu, and the fleet-wide rollout is set to begin in June 2023.

Peter Tobler, Windstar’s Director of Hotel Operations, explains that there has been an increased demand for whole-food, plant-based dishes from customers. Tobler notes that plant-based foods reduce the environmental footprint, which is a major goal of Windstar.

Plant-based food

Wanda Huberman, executive director of the National Health Association, worked closely with the Windstar culinary team to share NHA expertise and discuss Windstar-developed recipes that meet the organization’s standards for an exclusive whole-plant food diet and lifestyle. The result is a delectable menu that includes a daily smoothie at breakfast, roasted butternut squash velouté with baked pumpkin seeds, and veggie enchiladas with black bean and cilantro sauce, among others.

The menu was initially offered as a special option for plant-based groups and charters but has now evolved into a fleet-wide initiative due to its popularity. Lisa McCarl, a former open-heart recovery nurse turned travel advisor, notes that there is a huge demand for healthy travel options. “More people are changing the way they eat to prevent and reverse diet-related disease. Why not make it easy for them to continue that healthy lifestyle while sailing on the trip of a lifetime? Windstar is doing a phenomenal job in making healthy cruising a reality.”

This partnership is a step towards a healthier, more sustainable future in the cruise industry. Windstar Cruises is known for its focus on sustainability, with a goal to reduce single-use plastics and carbon emissions across its fleet. The collaboration with the NHA is in line with the company’s ethos and provides a healthy option for customers while reducing their environmental impact.

Windstar Cruises’ new whole-food, the plant-based menu is an innovative step that sets a new standard for the cruise industry. By offering a delicious and healthy option, Windstar Cruises is leading the way in providing a sustainable and ethical travel experience. For more details on Windstar Cruises, visit





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