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Virgin Voyages’ South Pacific Transformation

In an exciting announcement for the cruise travel industry, Virgin Voyages has introduced modifications to its South Pacific cruise itineraries based on extensive feedback from its loyal customers – fondly referred to as ‘Sailors’ and travel advisors. The renowned cruise company’s commitment to continually improving its services led to an in-depth revision of its Australian and New Zealand voyages.

Responding to the concerns and suggestions of its Sailors and travel advisors, Virgin Voyages took the bold step to restructure the schedule of its South Pacific voyages. The earlier model had come under critique due to the practical difficulties presented by various departure and arrival ports. Acknowledging the challenges, Virgin Voyages rolled out new, more flexible itineraries, true to its reputation as a brand that lends an ear to its customers.

The new schedule offers more round-trip voyages from Australia’s bustling ports of Melbourne and Sydney. At the same time, it ensures the continuation of some voyages that travel between Australia and New Zealand, keeping the magic of trans-Tasman sea travel alive.

Affecting four cruises, the alterations called for active management of bookings and reservations. Virgin Voyages rose to the occasion, and its dedicated Sailor Services team has already contacted all affected Sailors. The team is committed to offering flexible and generous options for rebooking, ensuring Sailors can sail ‘Down Under’ this summer.

Full refunds are also being offered to those Sailors who, due to unforeseen circumstances, cannot join the rescheduled cruises. Virgin Voyages expressed disappointment over their inability to partake in the journey but assured them of a warm welcome aboard one of their glamorous ‘Lady Ships’ shortly.

The Virgin Voyages’ promise to its Sailors is a relentless commitment to their satisfaction. Virgin Voyages sets a leading example in the industry by taking a feedback-driven approach and remaining flexible with its offerings. This decisive move reaffirms its status as a customer-focused cruise line, and as they say in Virgin Voyages, “The journey is the destination.”

With the revised South Pacific itineraries, Virgin Voyages continues to raise the bar, illustrating that in the world of cruise travel, the Sailor does come first.







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