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Unprecedented Flexibility: Life at Sea Cruises™ Revolutionizes Booking & Payment

Life at Sea Cruises™, the pioneer and exclusive provider of the world’s first three-year all-inclusive cruise, has unveiled an innovative payment structure and booking programs to grant passengers unrivalled flexibility for this extraordinary maritime odyssey.

With a resolute commitment to liberating individuals from the constraints of conventional living, Life at Sea Cruises introduces this groundbreaking payment structure, inviting an even larger audience to embark on the journey of a lifetime,” proclaimed Mikael Petterson, the Managing Director at Life at Sea Cruises. “We aspire to cultivate an environment where our residents can relish every moment at sea.”

In a concerted effort to alleviate any concerns harboured by prospective passengers embarking on the three-year voyage, Life at Sea has implemented a pay-as-you-go flexible payment system. This new structure empowers residents to effortlessly manage their payments, with instalments now being made semi-annually. The initial payment, due June 30th, will amount to 25% of the total fare. Comprising a 10% deposit and an initial payment of 15%, this first instalment will incorporate any existing resident payments. Subsequently, passengers must pay 15% of their fare semi-annually, with the next instalment falling due on December 31st.

In a remarkable display of their dedication to providing flexible booking options, Life at Sea is extending their renowned Flex Fare™ Program to encompass guaranteed inside cabins priced at $34,999 and guaranteed outside cabins priced at $39,999 (per person, per year, based on double occupancy), subject to availability. By capitalizing on this opportunity, passengers with adaptable preferences can secure the most competitive fare while reserving a cabin in their desired location. The specific cabin assignments for these Flex Fare bookings will be disclosed 30 days before the scheduled departure from Istanbul on November 1st.

Moreover, Life at Sea Cruises is proud to introduce its 50% Buy-Back Guarantee™, applicable to new and existing reservations. If circumstances prevent a resident from completing the entire cruise, Life at Sea Cruises will repurchase the remaining unused portion at 50% of the prorated amount based on the cruise fare.

“We have implemented these enhancements to our payment and booking options in response to the valuable feedback we have received from our current and prospective residents,” announced Kari Tarnowski, the Chief Marketing Officer at Life at Sea Cruises. “By offering these alternatives, we aim to eliminate any reservations and encourage a greater number of cruisers to join us on this unparalleled voyage.”

Reservations are now open and can be made through the official Life at Sea Cruises website at







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