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Silversea® And Mirazur Restaurant Unveil Exclusive S.A.L.T. Experience on French Riviera

Silversea Cruises®, the leading ultra-luxury cruise line, has formed a unique collaboration with the three Michelin-starred restaurant Mirazur—headed by one of the world’s most celebrated chefs, Chef Mauro Colagreco—to offer guests an immersive new culinary experience on the French Riviera.

Curated as part of Silversea’s S.A.L.T. culinary programme, the experience will take the cruise line’s guests closer to the authentic heart of French culinary traditions in Menton, one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful towns, as they learn more about Mirazur’s unique concept. Tailor-made for Silversea’s guests, the bespoke shore experience is Mirazur’s only collaboration with a cruise line. It will be available during calls to Menton and Monte Carlo in summer 2023 and summer 2024—offered to guests sailing aboard Silver Moon℠, Silver Dawn®, and, once launched, new ships Silver Nova℠ and Silver Ray℠.

“I’ve long admired Mauro Colagreco’s talent, passion and creativity. With his world-class team of farmers, purveyors, bakers and chefs, Mauro has created both a unique expression of coastal Mediterranean cuisine as well as a beautiful vision of what an ethical restaurant ecosystem could be. I couldn’t be happier to collaborate with them to be able to share the Mirazur story and experience with the guests of our S.A.L.T. programme. The response we have received to this unique initiative demonstrates our guests’ interest in tailor-made, exclusive experiences. Beyond just an opportunity to dine at one of the world’s best restaurants, our Mirazur experience will form truly meaningful connections between our guests and the cuisine and culture of the region,” said Adam Sachs, Director of Silversea’s S.A.L.T. programme.

“I like to say that Mirazur is much more than a restaurant. It is a complex ecosystem in which many cultures, visions, and talents are moving in the same direction, with the same values and respect for nature. We are so glad to have the chance to allow Silversea’s guests to discover this complexity, opening the doors of our tasting kitchen to immerse travellers into the unique craft of Mirazur and to explore the link between humans and nature on the French Riviera,” said Chef Mauro Colagreco.

Complementing destination-specific culinary enrichments offered on board as part of the S.A.L.T. programme, as well as a selection of immersive shore excursions, Silversea’s unique collaboration with Mirazur provides a deep-dive into local food and drink culture and will include the following:

  • Hosted by Mirazur’s talented chefs, bakers, and gardeners, the immersive experience begins with a trip to the market in Menton’s old town, where Mirazur’s suppliers will introduce guests to the regional food culture, as well as the local produce—from fresh, seasonal vegetables to distinctive cheeses. A member of the Mirazur team will guide small groups of up to 12 guests through the market, sharing insight and context, and explaining more about the distinguishing approach of one of the world’s best restaurants.
  • Next, travellers will visit Chef Mauro Colagreco’s sustainable and artisanal bakery, Mitron, where they will learn about ancient grains and taste a range of traditionally baked breads and pastries—produced sustainably through certified organic agriculture. Guests will visit the bake house, which contains Menton’s oldest wood oven, to meet the expert artisanal bakers, and to see first-hand how different varieties of wheat are milled daily to preserve freshness and flavour.
  • Guests will learn about the research being undertaken at the Sanctuaries del Mirazur, five biodynamic vegetable gardens at varying altitudes—from the sea to the mountains—that are owned by the restaurant. Here, nestled between Monte Carlo and the Italian border, teams of gardeners study the best conditions for 39 tomato varieties, Menton’s famous lemons, and various vegetables. The crops yielded by the gardens form the basis of the cuisine at Mirazur, which celebrates the myriad diversity of the region’s cuisine.
  • The experience concludes with a nine-course tasting menu in Mirazur’s private tasting kitchen—a unique, tailor-made culinary experience that is inspired by the French Riviera and Chef Colagreco’s Italo-Argentine heritage, passion, and vision. Participants will travel on a well-defined sensory journey that is centered on bold dishes primarily sourced from the Mirazur gardens, as well as seafood, fresh from the Mediterranean Sea below, that varies according to the season. Silversea’s guests will be among a limited group who have sampled Chef Colagreco’s inimitable culinary concepts in the scenic setting of the world-famous, three Michelin-starred Mirazur restaurant.

S.A.L.T., an acronym of Sea and Land Taste, is Silversea’s innovative culinary enrichment programme, which enables guests to travel deeper through a range of destination-focused gastronomic experiences—both on board and ashore. As part of the S.A.L.T. programme, three venues on board Silver Moon and Silver Dawn unlock immersive culinary experiences for guests, forming a hub of culinary discovery. Among the largest of eight restaurants aboard each ship, S.A.L.T. Kitchen is the first large-scale regional restaurant aboard a luxury cruise ship, offering a menu that changes with the destination and a regionally inspired wine list. S.A.L.T. Lab is a test kitchen that enables guests to learn about local ingredients and artisanal techniques, through insightful workshops, tastings, and demonstrations. S.A.L.T. Bar allows guests to sample the most authentic flavours of the destination, with a large selection of regional wines, spirits, cocktails, and other drinks. A range of curated experiences ashore complements the offering, enabling guests to gain first-hand experience of local culinary cultures. Silversea’s two Nova class ships, Silver Nova and Silver Ray, will also offer guests S.A.L.T. enrichments.



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