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Ponant Launches Podcast Series ‘Explore to Inspire’ – Another Field of Exploration

Digital tools are inspiration levers for PONANT and an imaginative way to personalise information to better address guests as individuals. As such, PONANT has developed this new podcast tool to allow listeners to discover their dreams and desires, as well as encourage the creation of a community of explorers.

Podcast: “Explore to Inspire”

For PONANT’s podcast: “Explore to Inspire”, with one click, listeners can embark on an odyssey to discover the most fabulous tales of voyages, emotions and once in a lifetime experience of guests, crew and world-renowned experts invited aboard by the company.

“Explore to Inspire” is a full-immersion format that takes the listener “live” on board PONANT ships. Last summer, the company recorded testimonials, experiences and soundscapes which were then narrated with voiceovers by actors. The first episode invites listeners aboard Le Lapérouse with PONANT video maker Elie to discover the traditions of the Asmat people of New Guinea. Another episode tells a touching and fascinating narration of the encounter PONANT guest Marguerite had with emperor penguins in the Antarctic. These are just a few of the many inspiring stories offered through “Explore to Inspire”.

Available in French and English, this new PONANT communication tool has the potential to reach thousands of existing and potential customers all over the world.



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