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Nature’s Guided Exploration: 35 Years Strong

PONANT is celebrating its 35th anniversary by paying tribute to those who have been at the heart of its development and growth since 1988 with a new media campaign highlighting their expertise and commitment. The people of PONANT all share the same ambition to make travel a unique experience of discovery, understanding and meaning, with nature as a guide.

Exactly two years ago, Captain Etienne Garcia reached the North Pole aboard the first LNG-powered hybrid electric polar exploration vessel. Maria, a naturalist, shared her passion for tropical marine life in Las Islas de la Bahía archipelago in Honduras. Sandrine, a naturalist, and expedition leader accompanied passengers across to Macquarie Island to educate them on penguin species, and Mick returned to Indonesia, to connect with local communities in his mission to craft sustainable and inclusive expedition itineraries. All embody the philosophy that has guided PONANT on its own journey for the last 35 years.

35 years of environmental awareness

From its foundation, PONANT has never ceased to innovate in an ongoing quest to offer exceptional voyages and promote better environmental practices.

Reducing emissions remains a major challenge for the coming years, which is why PONANT targets to equip its entire fleet with shore power by 2026.

This corporate journey could not be achieved without the commitment of guests, partners, and the daily work of its employees, all committed towards more sustainable tourism.

Nature is our guide, a campaign paying tribute to those making PONANT history

Focused around PONANT’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy, the campaign, written by FRED & FARID Los Angeles, is embodied through four key players: a Captain, a Naturalist Guide, a Scientist, and a Guest.

Each of them plays an essential role in ensuring PONANT’s commitment to prioritise sustainability and environmental protection.

“Nature is our guide is not just a campaign, it’s a commitment to sustainability and responsible tourism as being core values that guide everything we do. We believe travel has the power to transform individuals and communities. It is our responsibility to ensure this transformation is positive and lasting both for people and the planet,” says PONANT’s CEO Hervé Gastinel, adding “to mark our 35th anniversary we wanted to pay tribute to those who support us in this approach,”

With its 360° approach, encompassing Print, Digital, Influence and Employer Brand, the campaign will launch on May 25 in EMEA (France, Belgium, Switzerland, the UK) and will then be rolled out to the AMERICAs and APAC markets.



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