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Mv Lara: Miray Cruises’ Epic Voyage Unveiled!

Miray Cruises, the acclaimed company revolutionizing the world of extended voyage experiences, has recently elevated its game with the spectacular launch of its latest vessel – MV Lara. Coming off the heels of the resounding success of Life at Sea Cruises, the company is introducing this newer, larger ship to cater to the swelling demand of wanderlust-infused travellers across the globe.

Twin Work Counter

Twin Work Counter

MV Lara aims to push the boundaries of world cruising by replacing the formerly successful MV Gemini, which will continue her enchanting journeys across the Aegean Sea. Although more extensive, the vessel maintains an intimate feel, accommodating its residents with a blend of comfort, community, and adventure. Its design fosters a neighbourhood-like ambience, assuring community and belonging throughout the vessel’s epic three-year journey.

“We’re ecstatic to embark on this historic, three-year voyage with the stunning MV Lara. The surge in demand for our long-term circumnavigation voyages has been inspiring. It’s heartening to be an integral part of our residents’ life-altering journeys,” stated Kendra Cruises, CEO of Miray Holmes.

The new vessel offers an array of innovative facilities for the Life at Sea Cruises residents and imbues the trip with a harmony of convenience and luxury. These include redesigned staterooms, a business centre with offices, and a great cigar and wine bar. Additional onboard amenities include a 24-hour hospital service offering free medical visits, learning and enrichment lectures, and unique opportunities to partake in various volunteer and philanthropic initiatives.

Balcony Queen Room

Balcony Queen Room

To keep the journey exciting, the MV Lara will cover over 130,000 miles and dock at 382 ports across seven continents and 148 countries. Robert Dixon has meticulously crafted this awe-inspiring itinerary, aiming to traverse 13 of the Wonders of the World, several UNESCO World Heritage sites, and other captivating locations.

“We’re overjoyed to witness the massive interest in our one-of-a-kind itinerary, which ensures we’ll always be in summer. This is a testament to the captivating allure of our extended world cruise concept,” said Ethem Bayramoglu, COO of Miray Cruises.

The ample time allocated for unhurried exploration at each port of call makes this journey even more exciting. The idea is to grant travellers the luxury of multiple days to indulge in personal adventures at their own pace. This world-first, three-year cruise has been envisioned as a grand odyssey of unforgettable experiences and encounters.

“As the world spins around the sun to mark the years, we at Miray Cruises plan to spin around the world, creating a treasure trove of memories. Let’s journey together!” Fuat Guven, Vice President of Hotel Operations for Miray Cruises, invited future voyagers.

Preceding the departure of this monumental voyage, Miray Cruises is set to host a series of gala events in Turkey to celebrate not just the launch of the MV Lara but also the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic. The ship is slated to set sail from Istanbul on November 1st, 2023, marking the beginning of this extraordinary adventure.

Bookings for this grand voyage are open and can be made via the official website LifeAtSeaCruises.com. Prepare to embark on a remarkable journey that promises a lifetime of experiences and exploration!







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