Monday, December 11, 2023


MSC Cruises, a major player in the global cruise industry, recently announced the launch of their reimagined ‘Future Cruise Programme’, a move expected to bolster relationships with travel agents and the cruise line’s guests. In their pursuit to enhance guest satisfaction, MSC Cruises remains dedicated to reinforcing its partnerships with travel agencies, believing that this improved programme will create a synergy that brings about collective growth.

Travel agents who previously facilitated a client’s booking will earn a full commission for any subsequent bookings made by the same client while aboard an MSC Cruise ship. According to the company, this system will streamline the allocation of agency resources, fostering the possibility for new opportunities and client development.

Guests of MSC Cruises stand to gain significantly from this updated scheme as well. The onboard-only deposit has been slashed, starting from AUD$ 100 per person for their next cruise. The programme also promises increased adaptability, enabling guests to adjust their reservations to meet changing needs before final payment. Furthermore, the ‘best price guarantee’ timeframe has been extended, reinforcing the commitment to value for money.

The existing perks of the ‘Future Cruise Programme’ remain untouched. Guests can still look forward to up to €/$/£200 in onboard credit for their subsequent cruise, double points for the MSC Voyagers Club loyalty programme, and the ability to combine market offers with the rewards scheme. Moreover, a superior selection of cabins and suites will be available for guests.

In a statement, Achille Staiano, SVP of Global Sales at MSC Cruises, expressed his optimism about the revised programme. He stated, “We believe that the new Future Cruise Programme is an extension of an agency’s business as we at MSC Cruises continue to build loyalty with our valued travel partners.”

Staiano added, “This new initiative will be a win-win for both the trade and cruise holidaymakers, as we know that delighted guests onboard our fleet of 22 ships mean that travel agents have delighted customers. Guests of our premium ‘ship-within-a-ship’ concept, MSC Yacht Club, frequently book their next cruise while onboard, benefiting greatly from the ‘Future Cruise Programme’. With its enhancements, the scheme is set to appeal to an even wider audience of agents and consumers.”

MSC Cruises’ passengers onboard their fleet will be privy to information and the best deals via dedicated onboard Future Cruise teams. Each new booking will trigger an email confirmation to the relevant agent, facilitating their ability to maintain customer relations upon the guests’ return from their voyage.

Complete details of the new ‘Future Cruise Programme’ can be found on MSC or by contacting your MSC Cruises Business Development Manager. This innovative step taken by MSC Cruises underlines its commitment to customer satisfaction, setting a new standard for the cruise industry.







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