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Luxury Yachting Unleashed: Discover Oman’s Untouched Waters

The Sultanate of Oman, a country celebrated for its rich cultural heritage and enchanting landscapes, will become the backdrop for an unprecedented seafaring experience by F&P Travel this September. The renowned travel curator is thrilled to announce their latest venture: The Ibra Dhow, a state-of-the-art 100ft yacht modelled after the classic Arabian dhows, will unfurl its sails for the first time in Oman’s stunning coastal waters.

Dhows, traditional sailing vessels dating back to the 15th century, are prominent in Oman’s maritime heritage. Crafted meticulously by hand out of wood, they were once the cornerstone of Arabian trade routes and seafaring explorations. The Ibra Dhow pays tribute to this historical charm while weaving in modern luxury, creating an elegant synthesis of past and present.

Stepping aboard this majestic yacht, up to eight guests can immerse themselves in absolute comfort across four luxuriously appointed bedrooms, while a highly experienced crew of four is always on hand to ensure a seamless experience. The Ibra Dhow presents a unique opportunity to journey along the breathtaking Omani coastline, unveiling vistas of dramatic landscapes, sparkling turquoise waters, and unspoiled sandy beaches.

Ibra Dhow

Ibra Dhow

No part of this captivating voyage delivers a more immersive marine experience than a stop at the hidden Dimaniyat Islands. These secret islands are teeming with an astoundingly diverse marine ecosystem, earning them the title of Oman’s sole marine nature reserve. While these islands remain a beloved secret among the diving community, most remain blissfully unaware of their existence. The Ibra Dhow aims to change this, allowing guests to explore these vibrant islands and even spend a night amidst this spectacular display of nature.

Oman’s coastline doesn’t only offer natural splendours. Traces of the country’s rich cultural heritage can be found in every corner of its coastal towns and villages, vivid remnants of its past as a bustling trading port. During their journey on the Ibra Dhow, guests can explore ancient forts, castles, and traditional fishing villages, each captivating story of Oman’s history.

Based at Al Mouj Marina, the Ibra Dhow offers amenities such as a swimming platform, snorkelling kits, and two stand-up paddleboards, with the option to try diving, kayaking, fishing, and jet skiing. Whether you’re after relaxation or adventure, the Ibra Dhow promises a truly bespoke journey catering to all preferences.

Ready to embark on this unforgettable voyage? A two-night minimum stay onboard the Ibra Dhow starts from USD$16,655, based on four people sharing on a full board basis. For booking and further information, visit F&P Travel or contact them at +44 (0)1306 264005. Leap and plunge into an unmatched Omani yachting experience.







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