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Luxury Yachting In Croatia: Exclusive Specials On High-End Cruises This Fall!

As summer eases into autumn, Croatia’s shimmering waters invite the discerning traveller. Between August and October, luxury yachting experiences come alive with unbeatable special offers, beckoning enthusiasts to the mesmerizing Adriatic Sea. If your idea of a dream vacation is an intimate cruise, feasting on fine cuisine, and sipping exquisite wines, all while enjoying breathtaking views of sun-kissed islands, this exclusive opportunity by Latitude Vacations should be high on your bucket list. Visit their website for full details and reservations.

Luxury Sailing Yacht Dalmatino

Luxury Sailing Yacht Dalmatino

Unprecedented savings grace some of the finest luxury yachts in the fleet, all equipped with a professional crew, sophisticated amenities, and the promise of unforgettable experiences. Latitude Vacations extends a one-of-a-kind invitation to explore the beauty of Croatia from the comfort of these premium vessels.

The “Love Story,” a 43.25-metre-long 2021 model luxury sailing yacht, accommodates up to 12 guests in six beautifully designed cabins. Available from 67,000 Euros per week plus 30% APA*, this alluring vessel has an expert crew of eight to ensure an unparalleled sailing experience.

For those wanting a slightly more spacious yacht, the “Dalmatino,” a 2019 luxury sailing yacht stretching 43.53 metres, offers similar accommodation and a skilled crew. The Dalmatino can be yours for a week from 69,000 Euros plus 30% APA*.

Play Fellow motor yacht

Play Fellow motor yacht.

Make a statement with the “Anima Maris,” a 2021 luxury sailing yacht stretching 49 metres. It accommodates 12 guests and is available from 85,000 Euros per week plus 30% APA*.

The ” Nocturno ” is the fleet’s newest,” a 2023 model luxury sailing yacht that spans 48.24 metres and has a nine-member crew. Charter Nocturno from 84,000 Euros per week plus 30% APA*.

For a compact yet plush experience, “Rara Avis,” a 33-metre 2018 luxury sailing yacht, is ideal. Accommodating 12 guests and available from 55,000 Euros per week plus 30% APA* provides an exceptional experience.

Nocturno luxury sailing yacht 48 metre

Nocturno luxury sailing yacht 48 metres.

If your preference leans towards motor yachts, the “Play Fellow,” a 30-metre 2016 model accommodating nine guests, is available from 23,500 Euros per week plus 30% APA*. Explore Play Fellow.

These charter prices include accommodation on board, food and wages for the crew, 13% Croatian VAT, fuel for main engines and generator use, complete linen and towels, yacht insurance, service on board, taxes, yacht cleaning, and Wi-Fi.

The APA covers running costs during the charter: port and marina fees, fuel for jet ski and tender-operated watersports (available on sailing yachts only), national park entrances, custom fees and charter licenses if chartered outside of Croatia, food and drink options, and any other guest requirements. The captain maintains A strict account, with total unused funds returned to the guest.

Unleash your seafaring spirit and embark on a journey filled with sun, sea, and luxury on the Croatian coast. Contact the Yachting Professionals at Latitude Vacations for further information and reservations.







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