Tuesday, December 5, 2023


As the sun sets on an extraordinary northern hemisphere summer, Hurtigruten Norway pays tribute to the exceptional individuals who have steadfastly navigated the high season with unwavering dedication and enthusiasm. While many companies experience a lull during this time, Hurtigruten Norway has shone brightly, delivering unparalleled experiences that have set new standards in the industry.

The high season has been a whirlwind of activity for Hurtigruten Norway, with bustling ships and soaring expectations for onboard experiences. The collective effort of its incredible team has been nothing short of remarkable, and it is with immense pride that the company acknowledges the outstanding achievements made by its team this northern hemisphere summer.

Throughout June and July, a remarkable 45,800 passengers embarked on unforgettable journeys with Hurtigruten, experiencing the magic of its Norwegian Coastal Kitchen concept and the attentive service of its dedicated crew. The true driving force behind these exceptional experiences are the incredible individuals who make up its onboard team. Their commitment to delivering world-class service and personal attention to each guest has truly set Hurtigruten Norway apart.

The company is thrilled to share some impressive milestones reached this summer, which reflect its continuous pursuit of excellence.

  • A significant 15-point increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS) in June compared to the previous year, and now consistently maintaining a high NPS level throughout the full year.
  • All service levels moving closer to a perfect score of 9, with clear improvements toward its 2022 goals.

The outstanding performance extends beyond guest satisfaction, with sales growth also surpassing expectations. Sales saw an impressive increase across May, June and July, with excursions surging by a remarkable 32% in July alone. Client requests for cabin upgrades also soared by an incredible 146%, offering a clear indication to the company’s travel partners that travellers are interested in the affordable luxury represented by Hurtigruten Norway’s Coastal Express premium product offering.

This season has also seen an outstanding display of teamwork, driven by meticulous planning, and seamless cooperation between Hurtigruten’s ships and its Crew Centre. Safety remains paramount at Hurtigruten Norway, and the company is pleased to share that the summer has been characterised by an unprecedented level of smoothness – sitting at a remarkable 99.84% including weather deviations – which is a clear testament to its commitment to safety and operational excellence, experience and professionalism.

To every individual who played a role during this dynamic high season, and every agent partner that sent travellers to Norway to experience the beauty of summer, Hurtigruten Norway extends its deepest gratitude. Their dedication, passion, and commitment have transformed this season into an unforgettable success.

To celebrate Hurtigruten is offering 25% off the second guest across its Classic Coastal Voyages, and up to 25% off the second guest on its extraordinary North Cape Express and Svalbard Express commemorative journeys, considered by its team as the best cruise experience in Norway bar none.



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