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Embark On Unforgettable Whisky Trail Cruises with European Waterways!

As World Whisky Day approaches on May 20th, European Waterways, the leading luxury hotel barging company, welcomes travellers with a shared passion for the “water of life” to join their exclusive Whisky Trail Cruises. Offering an extraordinary experience aboard their iconic vessels, the Scottish Highlander and Spirit of Scotland, European Waterways guarantees an unforgettable journey through the scenic Caledonian Canal of the majestic Scottish Highlands. With private distillery tours, tasting classes, and an impressive selection of over 20 single malts, these cruises delight even the most discerning whisky connoisseurs.

The Whisky Trail Cruises are tailor-made for whisky enthusiasts, providing an opportunity to explore the unique production processes behind Scotland’s renowned single malts. Guests will journey to three distinguished distilleries, including the prestigious Dalwhinnie Distillery. Situated at the foothills of the Cairngorm Mountains, this iconic establishment boasts an impressive range of six single malts. It is Scotland’s highest distillery, nestled at an elevation of 1,164 feet above sea level.

World Whisky Day On Scottish Canal Barge

Travellers will also be privileged to visit the Tomatin distillery just 25 minutes south of Inverness and the historic Glen Ord distillery on the Black Isle. Glen Ord, founded by Thomas Mackenzie in 1838, stands out for its onsite maltings, a rarity in the Scottish whisky industry. Another highlight is the inclusion of the Speyside Benromach distillery, a cherished family-owned business with a legacy spanning over a century.

These immersive whisky experiences are not limited to a particular season and can be chartered anytime. The itineraries feature captivating distillery tours and excursions to enchanting castles, breathtaking Highland vistas, and memorable crossings of famous lochs, including the legendary home of “Nessie.” Immerse yourself in Scotland’s rich heritage and natural beauty while savouring the finest whiskies in the world.

European Waterways’ Whisky Trail Cruises provide an all-inclusive, six-night voyage on the Spirit of Scotland or the Scottish Highlander. The Spirit of Scotland, accommodating up to 12 passengers, offers an intimate and luxurious setting, with prices starting at $62,000. For a more exclusive experience, the Scottish Highlander, designed for eight passengers, combines elegance and comfort, with prices starting at $39,500.

Derek Banks, the Managing Director of European Waterways, expressed his enthusiasm for these exceptional cruises, stating, “More than 40 million people around the world claim Scottish ancestry, but regardless of their lineage, everyone will feel right at home aboard our luxury hotel barges. With a wide variety of whiskies available, they are also sure to find themselves in good spirit and ‘tearin’ the tartan’ – sharing good times in great company – throughout the cruise!”

For more information about the Whisky Trail Cruises and to book your voyage, please visit European Waterways’ official website.







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