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Discover Polar Cruising with Allthingscruise.Com’s Newest Guide

All Things Cruise just released its newest “Polar Cruising | Antarctica and The Arctic” eBook, now available as an Online or Mobile-Friendly book. This 68-page eBook details cruise and expedition lines that service the polar regions as well as a detailed guide of services, amenities and inclusions.

The “Polar Cruising | Antarctica and The Arctic” eBook is designed to assist travelers with comparing all options to visit a polar region, as well as providing information about wildlife, conservation efforts, destinations and activities. Exclusive interviews with Expedition Operations Director of Scenic Luxury Cruise Lines, Jason Flesher, and Director of Special Projects, Steve Wellmeier, of Poseidon Expeditions are included.

This comprehensive eBook includes:

The cruise and expedition lines serving these remote parts of the world
Wildlife Maps – animals indigenous to each of the polar regions with photos and descriptions of penguins, seals, birds, whales, bears and all other possible types of sightings one may observe
What to pack
Wildlife conservation organizations
Exclusive interviews with industry experts
A chart comparing all amenities and inclusions from the 17 cruise lines featured
The Polar Expedition Club https://polarexpeditionclub.org/ for those travelers who have made a trip to a polar region as described in the book.
All information has been compiled in an easy-to-read format, with brief, at-a-glance summaries to see which cruise line fits your basic requirements.
The summaries are followed by more detailed information about the atmosphere on board, the destinations you can travel to, and the specific comparisons of amenities and inclusions.
For more information about the joy of cruising and to research cruise ships, destinations and much more, visit All Things Cruise, an affiliate of CruiseCompete.com.



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