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In the vast expanse of the sea, one man has been navigating the waves with expertise and passion for 35 years, earning the admiration and respect of passengers and crew alike. Captain Vittorio Marchi is celebrating his remarkable milestone with Carnival Cruise Line on August 8, 2023. Coincidentally, the number 8, considered lucky in some cultures, has been entwined with his journey since the very beginning.

Captain Marchi’s career began on the auspicious date of 8/8/1988, as he stepped onboard with the Carnival family. Reflecting on this alignment of numbers, he shares, “Definitely yes, considering my starting date with Carnival Cruise Line was 8/8/88. If 8 is a lucky number, I think that’s hard to beat!” Indeed, perhaps not through luck but hard work and commitment, Marchi rose through the ranks at Carnival, mastering his craft, and ultimately ascending to the role of captain.

As he looks back over the last three and a half decades, Captain Marchi reminisces about the significant changes he has witnessed in the cruise industry. “So much has changed over 35 years,” he says. “The industry has undergone a significant evolution. Cruise ships have become bigger and have a lot more to offer to cater to diverse passenger interests than they did in 1988. We travel to more destinations worldwide, there are more dining and entertainment options to suit all tastes, and of course, many improvements in technology with advanced navigation systems.”

Captain Marchi’s journey has taken him to various Carnival ships, each leaving him with unique experiences and memories. He previously served as the captain of Carnival Spirit out of Sydney, where he led the crew for over two years. Now, he has returned to Australia, bringing his expertise and knowledge to Carnival Splendor. “It is an honour and a privilege to have returned to Australia after being at the helm of Carnival Spirit” he reveals. “To be back as the Captain of Carnival Splendor brings back many unforgettable memories.”

Celebrating 35 years in a career is a rare accomplishment, and Captain Marchi acknowledges the significance of this milestone. “Looking back on these years, I’m amazed at how far I’ve come,” he humbly admits. “Starting out, I never dreamed of becoming a Captain. The journey was filled with challenges and surprises, shaping me into who I am today. I’m grateful for the support and encouragement that propelled me forward. Now, as I embrace the future, I do so with gratitude and pride.”

Captain Marchi’s passion for the sea and genuine care for his passengers and crew have made him an exemplary leader. As he continues to chart new courses and inspire future generations of cruise ship professionals, Carnival Cruise Line celebrates the career of Captain Vittorio Marchi. His journey stands as a testament to the pursuit of excellence, the embrace of challenges, and the magic of the number 8.

Captain Marchi’s ‘8 reasons I love being Captain’

  1. Exploring the World: In my role I’ve been privileged to travel the world, visit diverse ports, and immerse myself in different cultures and landscapes.
  2. Meeting Incredible People: The best part is connecting with guests from all walks of life and meet people with unique stories and backgrounds
  3. Guiding the Next Generation: The leadership involved with being captain brings great satisfaction, I get to pass on my knowledge and expertise to the young officers who are the future of the maritime industry.
  4. Making Cherished Memories with Guests: cruises create lifelong memories for our guests and knowing that I’ve been a part of that is incredibly special
  5. A Life of Adventure: Living at sea offers a one-of-a-kind lifestyle and while waking up to beautiful ocean views each day never gets old
  6. Unbreakable Bonds: The camaraderie and teamwork with the crew foster lifelong friendships and create a tightknit family onboard.
  7. Commanding the Ship: Taking the helm of a massive cruise ship and navigating through open waters with precision is both a responsibility and a joy.
  8. Spectacular Sunsets: There’s nothing quite like watching the sunset over the ocean, it’s still mesmerising especially over the pacific on a cruise from Australia.


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