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Captain Cook Cruises Fiji Celebrates Earth Day with Palm and Coral Planting

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji plans to embrace the 2023 Earth Day theme, Invest in Our Planet, with two new exciting initiatives for guests to participate in. Guests who join their Day Sail to Tivua Private Island on the 22nd April 2023 will have the opportunity to participate in two programs that aim to contribute to conversation efforts above and below the ocean; ‘Plant a Palm’ and ‘Buy a Bottle, Build a Reef’. Guests will enjoy allocated time on their Day Sail experience to plant coconut trees and seedlings to help create a lively habit above the ocean or plant coral frags to preserve the 500 acres of coral reef that surround the island.

“Fiji is an incredibly pristine environment,” says Allison Haworth West, the Company’s Executive Chairman, “this initiative is an exciting addition to our year-round conservation initiatives to help protect and preserve this beautiful destination for passengers and future generations”.

On Earth Day guests will also benefit from a key initiative that has had a direct impact on the rejuvenation of Fiji’s marine ecosystem, their ‘Buy a Coral, Build a Reef’ program. Guests can purchase a coral frag and plant it with the guidance of their marine biologists at Tivua Private Island. So far, the program has seen over 9000 coral frags planted and to further enhance these efforts, they have recently introduced an extension of this program called ‘Buy a Bottle, Build a Reef’. The extension aims to both reduce single-use plastic and restore Fiji’s coral reefs. Guests are encouraged to purchase a reusable water bottle and each purchase comes with a coral frag that is to be planted at Tivua Private Island.

Due to the ongoing dedication of the company’s team of Marine Biologists and Ocean Ambassadors, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji is a leader in sustainable tourism and reef education. On both Tivua Private Island and their multi-night cruises on MV Reef Endeavour, guests can participate in several programs where they will be educated on and immersed in environmental conservation. On board Marine Biologists conduct Reef Talks and coral-viewing glass bottom boat tours and during these sessions, guests can engage in interactive discussions about Fiji’s marine life and how to best protect it. If they wish to go a step further, they can contribute to scientific data collection by being a Citizen Scientist and logging their marine sightings on the Captain Cook projects on

In addition to their education efforts, Captain Cook Cruises Fiji makes a direct difference through their Ocean Ambassador program. Fiji is well known for its pristine clear waters and beaches, since 2012 their Ocean Ambassador program targets any ocean-borne debris found during the Reef Endeavour itineraries. This area stretches as far as Sawa-i-Lau & Kia Island in the north to the outer reaches of the Lau group, visiting more than 90 of Fiji’s 333 islands. Any debris found is sorted, weighed, recorded and recycled.

Earth Day is every day with Captain Cook Cruises Fiji.

For further information and bookings, please contact Captain Cook Cruises Fiji on +61 9126 8160 or from within Australia: 1300 To Fiji (86 3454), or visit



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