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Adventure Awaits: Quark Expeditions’ Polar Promo Sale with Travel Incentives

Leading global polar adventure company, Quark Expeditions, has recently announced the return of its last season’s popular Polar Promo Sale. The company offers travellers an opportunity to save up to 40% off voyages to the Arctic and Antarctic, along with exciting booking incentives for all upcoming seasons. The new promotion also includes money-saving incentives to help travellers fulfil their long-awaited dream of a polar adventure.

Thomas Lennartz, Vice-president of Sales and Client Experience for Quark Expeditions said, “We’re very excited to enhance this season’s Polar Promo Sale by adding more money-saving incentives to help travelers fulfill their long-awaited dream of a polar adventure.” He added, ” Besides saving up to 40%, our guests will receive a $1,000 USD flight credit off the top of their trip cost and a $250 shipboard credit on select itineraries. Guests can save an additional 10% if they pay in full when booking on select voyages.”

The Polar Promo Sale offers several guest benefits, including up to 40% off select Arctic and Antarctic voyages, a $1,000 USD flight credit off the top of their trip cost on select itineraries, a $250 shipboard credit on all Antarctic 2024-2025 itineraries, and an additional 10% savings if they pay in full at the time of booking on select itineraries. The sale covers all four seasons, making it an ideal opportunity for all travellers looking to witness thousand-fold penguin colonies in Antarctica, vast glaciers, sculpted icebergs, snow-capped mountains, or the sensational experience of observing a polar bear in its natural Arctic setting.

The Polar Promo sale runs from April 4 to July 4, 2023, allowing travellers enough time to book their dream polar adventure. Moreover, Quark Expeditions has made it easy for interested travellers to view Polar Promo offers on their website.

Quark Expeditions is a renowned global leader in polar adventures, and its latest Polar Promo Sale is an excellent opportunity for travellers to experience polar adventure with significant savings. The company’s passion for polar exploration and commitment to sustainable tourism has earned them several accolades, including the World Travel Awards, which named them the World’s Leading Specialist Cruise Line for five consecutive years.

Moreover, Quark Expeditions has also invested in cutting-edge technology to ensure travellers’ safety while enjoying their polar adventure. They have a team of experienced guides and experts who are always on hand to provide insights and answer guests’ questions during their journey.

Overall, Quark Expeditions’ Polar Promo Sale is an exciting opportunity for adventure-seekers to explore the breathtaking polar regions while saving big. With several incentives available, interested travellers should not hesitate to book their dream polar adventure.

To learn more about Quark Expeditions’ Polar Promo Sale and view their promotional offers, visit their website.







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